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" (9) That no man shall be subjected to any
sort of mutilation or sterilisation accept with his
own deliberate consent, freely given, nor to
bodily assault, except in restraint of his own
violence, nor to torture, beating or any other
bodily punishment; he shall not be subjected
to imprisonment with such an excess of silence,
noise, light or darkness as to cause mental
suffering, or to imprisonment in infected, ver-
minous or otherwise insanitary quarters, or be
put into the company of verminous or infectious
people. He shall not be forcibly fed nor pre-
vented from starving himself if he so desire. He
shall not be forced to take drugs nor shall they be
administered to him without his knowledge and
consent. That the extreme punishments to
which he may be subjected are rigorous imprison-
ment for a term of not longer than fifteen years
or death."
(Here I would point out that there is nothing
in this to prevent any country from abolishing
the death penalty. Nor do I assert a general
right to commit suicide, because no one can
punish a man for doing that* He has escaped.
But threats and incompetent attempts to commit
suicide belong to an entirely different category.
They are indecent and distressing acts that
can easily become a serious social nuisance,